Heckman Picture

Sarah S. Heckman

Teaching Professor
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor
Department of Computer Science
North Carolina State University


Email: sarah_heckman @ ncsu.edu
Phone: 919-515-2042

Summer 2022 Office Hours

From 5/16/2022 to 8/21/2022 excluding University Holidays. Subject to change due to travel or departmental commitments.

  • email to make an appointment

For Summer 2022, all office hours will be virtual. Email for the zoom link if you are not enrolled in one of Dr. Heckman’s classes.


I am an Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor with the Department of Computer Science. I serve as the Director of Undergraduate Programs for the department. I am a three time graduate of the department, and received my Ph.D. in August of 2009 as part of the RealSearch Group. I received the NC State University Outstanding Teacher Award and the Alumni Association Outstanding Teacher Award as a representative of the College of Engineering in Spring 2015. I am a member of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers at NC State. As a graduate student, I was a three-time recipient of the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship.

My research interests are in the science of software as applied to computing education research (SOS-CER) - specifically software engineering skill transfer and automated feedback.


  • Brittany Johnson, 2017 (co-advised with Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill), Assistant Professor at George Mason University
  • Kai Presler-Marshall, 2022 (co-advised with Dr. Kathryn Stolee, Lecturer at Bowdoin College